HAOD Class Survey

1. Last Name (Optional)
2. First Name (Optional)
3. Course No and Class
4. Instructor's Name
5. Please select the number that corresponds with your level of agreement with each statement, with 1=strongly agree, 2=agree, 3=disagree, and 4=strongly disagree.
Hebrew Academy of Detroit Moodle
Hebrew Academy of Detroit Moodle
Hebrew Academy of Detroit Moodle
Hebrew Academy of Detroit Moodle
6. The class was well organized
Average: 0.00
7. The class was just the right length
8. The class content was too elementary
9. The presentation was clear and understandable
10. The instructor was well prepared
11. The instructor encouraged questions
12. The powerpoints and handouts were useful
13. The class examples helped clarify the instruction
14. I feel this class was well worth my time
15. The instructor demonstrated confidence
16. Did the instructor keep your attention?
17. Would you recommend this class to others?
18. How could the class have been better or more helpful?
Hebrew Apologetics class was simply awesome, no need for improvements.
The Class has Definately increased my knowledge concerning the Law and how to properly defend it!!
19. Was there any aspect you were interested in, that was not covered in this class?
I was and still, am interested in everything covered in class.
20. Please give us your opinion of this class. Your comments will help us improve future classes.
I absolutely enjoyed every bit this class!! Dr. Howard is an amazing professor and knowledgeable of information presented. He also challenged us all to really study and articulate Yah’s Word for ourselves and I appreciate that. I would definitely take this class again!!